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Are Humanist Ceremonies legal?

Not at the moment in Wales and England, although we’re hoping this will change soon! Your marriage can be legalised in a registry office for as little as £50. Lots of couples choose to do this a couple of days before and see their Humanist Ceremony as their ‘real ceremony’.

Do you do same sex weddings?

Of course! Enough said.

Do you do ceremonies in Welsh?

I’m not a fluent welsh speaker but I do speak a little and I’m very happy to do some sections in Welsh, French or German. Opera singers are required to sing in a variety of languages so I’m very comfortable speaking in other languages, even if I’m not fluent in them. If you’d like me to say a few words in a language I’m not familiar with, please feel free to challenge me!!

What are your fees?

I require a £200 deposit upon booking. The balance is due one month before the ceremony. My fee is £500 but I charge per mile for journeys over 20 miles and accommodation if I require any overnight stays.

Do you have to be a humanist to have a humanist ceremony?

No you don’t. The parts of the ceremony I deliver are non-religious and I have been rigorously trained by the Humanist Society but the aim of the game is to create something beautiful and meaningful for you that is welcoming and inclusive to all your guests.

Image by Annie Spratt


“ It was absolutely smashing. You were so comfortable, natural and charismatic, it was a joyous, crowd-rousing opening!”

“You spoke with warmth and enthusiasm and brought the whole family in.”

“Your annunciation is so clear and I was so wrapped up in your story telling”

“You were in control in a really positive way and made people feel really comfortable.”

“The bi-lingual sections were fab!”