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If you’re looking for a personal, meaningful, joyful, non-religious Naming Ceremony then look no further!  As well as Weddings I’m also trained and accredited by Humanists UK to do naming ceremonies.  This might be for a new addition/s to your family or a celebration ceremony for people for have transitioned.  It’s a time to celebrate, so let’s plan something joyful!!!

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If you’re welcoming a new addition/s to your family, a naming ceremony can be a wonderful way to introduce your new family member to friends and family.  Lots of people choose to have it at home and follow the ceremony with a bit of a party, perhaps even as part of a birthday party.  It’s totally up to you what you want to include but it could include some or all of the following:

  • A welcome to everyone you have invited that is inclusive and welcomes everyone, regardless of faith.

  • Words about your family life.  How your little one arrived into the world or came to be a part of your family and what life has been like since you met!

  • Things you’d like to say about your little one.  What their personality is like, what they enjoy doing etc.

  • Promises from Parents and Godparents/Guardians/Guide Parents. 

  • An official Naming of your child/children

  • A symbolic act – Entirely optional and there’s so many things that could be included.  Sometimes people like to pass down gifts through the family,

  • Some like to make a fingerprint tree that you can frame and show to your child when they are old enough so they can see who was at their naming ceremony.

  • Some like a tree/flower planting which will grow along with your child and serve as a reminder of their naming day.

  • Poetry/readings/music

    If you are someone who has transitioned and you’re looking for a way of celebrating and symbolising your new path I’d love to chat to you about how we could make that happen.  Perhaps you have changed your name and want to celebrate it and introduce yourself to your friends and family as the person you always knew you were or wanted to be?  For more information, please feel free to get in touch with me.  I am in contact with Umbrella Cymru and so if you’d like to contact me through them you are very welcome to do so.  Ceremonies may include some/all or none of the following:

  • A welcome and explanation of why we are celebrating today

  • Words from people who have helped you on your path to this day

  • An official re-naming

  • Poetry/Readings/Music that is meaningful to you

  • A symbolic act that recognises and celebrates your future.  Again, entirely optional but could include something such as walking along a path of candles to a ‘new future leaving the past behind’, a book of well wishes from those who care about you the most etc.


What’s the process?

  • You are welcome to book directly by email or telephone (please see my contact form) but if you’d prefer to have a bit of a chat first just let me know and we can set up a time for a telephone or video chat.

  • Once you’ve made your booking and paid the deposit to secure the date, we can arrange a meeting at a place of your choosing (I’m very happy to visit your house). We can then discuss all the arrangements and what you’d like to be included.  Before this takes place you might like to think about whether you’d like to ask any guide parents/godparents/guardians to be involved and whether you’d like to ask anyone to read a poem or reading.

  • After our meeting I can start to write a script which can be altered as many times as you like until it’s absolutely right for you.

  • On the day I’ll arrive in plenty of time and make sure everyone is feeling happy any comfortable.  Don’t worry about delays – I’m very flexible.  And if we need to pause during the ceremony for any reason that’s absolutely fine too.

  • After the ceremony I will provide you a Presentation Copy of your script to keep as a momento of the day.

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